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Provident Financial plc is a British sub-prime lender, also described as a "doorstep lender", based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It specialises in credit cards, home collected credit (HCC), online loans and consumer car finance. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


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Former Employee - Analyst says

"No advancement opportunities. Sweatshop like atmosphere. Prepare to be treated like trash."

Former Employee - Retail says

"-Little to no female representation in management positions - completely SILENT work place. Cold work environment. - The manager in my previous office was always yelling at employees over the phone, and gossiping about other employees to other managers instead of confronting them about issues and resolving them. - Lack of Benefits, 12 days of pto, no sick leave, expensive healthcare, no 401k match - Employees are pushed to work over time so the company can profit - 8-5 only schedule no flexibility - management has made multiple employees cry due to lack of compassion"

Former Employee - Mortgage Loan Closer says

"The company is very poorly managed. The production employees are overworked and it’s easy to get burnt out quickly. Management stresses that their production employees are a great asset for the company, yet they fail to realize many people there are unhappy and they don’t take action to implement changes. There’s also not a lot of room for upward movement, even if you are hardworking. They’ll promote a few people to team leads just because these individuals are good at their jobs, but don’t realize these people aren’t leaders. I’ve even witnessed management and “leaders” talking bad about other employees. Additionally, they allow family members to manage each other which I always saw as very unprofessional, despite the company essentially being founded on nepotism. Aside from the unreasonable workload and expectations, the benefits are atrocious. No 401K match, no sick days, no maternity leave. They make it extremely hard for parents to have a decent work-life balance as well because they’re so strict about your hours and don’t allow you to work from home. During the time I worked there, I saw the very few perks we had get taken away. I’ve seen good people get let go for no reason at all, and I’ve seen people get moved to lower positions just to get work done because they won’t spend the money to hire more people. Lastly, management will try to win you over with the salary and make false promises to you, but when you find out what the actual job is that they NEED you to do, it’s not worth it anymore."

Former Employee - Utility says

"Everyone in middle management is terrible. They have been in the same position for YEARS and do not have one single quality of a good manager. Not one of these people deserve to be in the position they are in, they simply got lucky with right place right time. They have no idea how to successfully manage, they only know how to look at numbers. There is also zero flexibility with your schedule, they do not care about your personal life. Sick or have a dentist better have enough PTO because you don't get sick days. You also better be in your seat by 8:00 on the dot or you will be written up. They have sat at the door with a note pad to mark down the people that walked in at 8:01 so that it can be used against them in their review."

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"Sacrifices everything to maximize owner profits and continue offering low rates. The majority of the workforce is under the age of 25 and has no clue how bad they are treated as employees because this is their first job out of college. Have more respect for yourself than to work for a sweatshop like Provident Funding."

Current Employee - Mortgage Closer says

"This job will leave you with mental problems similar to a Marine that served in 'Nam. Expect constant stress and fights with customers, brokers, management, and your coworkers. When Dante wrote the Inferno, I am pretty sure the 4th and 5th Circles were based off this company. The owner shows greed beyond measure, refusing to hire new employees when encouraging the few that remain to just work harder. A cycle develops were people get frustrated and leave which just creates more work for the people that remain."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-- Complete disregard for employees: The Pica family who own Provident Funding do not consider the vast majority of their employees to be human beings, deserving of basic respect. Now you might be thinking "I will distinguish myself by becoming a top performer through sheer willpower and hard work!" This is what I and many others planned to do when we accepted offers to work here directly out of college, ready to set the world on fire. Irrelevant. They will not care if you put up the best numbers in the company every day for the rest of time (this would net you at best canned email praise from a pointless middle manager and would never result in a raise, promotion, or any meaningful appreciation). The Pica family has already installed family and friends in any relevant management positions, and does not consider input or ideas from anyone outside of that pre-formed group, which is closed for entry. Oh by the way, there is no Human Resources department, so there is no outlet to report harassment, abuse, misconduct, or other problems. This is a clear signal that PF does not care about employee concerns, well-being, or mental health. There is also no effort to develop employees or present any sort of career path. Advancement was mentioned during my interview, and by humble-bragging middle managers on occasion, where their advice was to do things I had already been doing, which confirmed no one noticed or cared that I had been doing those things (work lots of overtime, be # 1 in production measures). As a result of the above, employees do not develop any transferable skills. Because they hire almost exclusively fresh college grads, most employees have never worked a corporate job elsewhere. This makes them vulnerable to think the culture at PF and the bleak nature of working there is a normal part of professional life. This saddens me, as PF is swallowing the potential their employees don't know they have. No one at PF has much success job hunting, because they do not have any skills that are valued by the job market. The daily drudgery of going to a job you hate, being faceless and without acknowledgment for your achievements, and receiving only negative feedback about your performance can really get to you. It makes good people start to question their self worth as human beings, and start to believe they are failures who are unworthy of basic human needs, such as love, companionship, and happiness. PF is a factory that produces depressed people. When I recently watched Game of Thrones, the downward spiral of Theon Greyjoy to become "Reek" immediately struck me as similar to the descent of continuing to work at PF as days go by (obviously GoT is way more dramatic and this is an exaggeration, but the point stands). The Hope: Employees must reject self-doubt and take back their self-worth and control of their careers and lives. My advice as someone who has survived this dark chapter and gone on to thrive: 1. Fully admit to yourself that your PF career is going nowhere: the blood sweat and tears you have put in have not mattered to the company, and you must come to acceptance with that. This is by far the most difficult step. I was in denial of this for years--years I wish I could get back. 2. Stop channeling your work ethic toward your job. Be there physically, but not mentally. You'll need your your mental effort for the rest of these steps. 3. Focus on finding out what skills are in highest demand, and which ones overlap with your aspirations. Google "LinkedIn's top skills in demand this year" to get a start. You don't need to know anything about what you choose, in fact that's the point. 4. Google for free online learning resources in your chosen area to get your start. The best news is that if a skill is in demand, there are great online resources available for you to learn it for free. 5. See if certifications exist for the topic/field you have chosen and pursue them relentlessly. If they do not exist, see if there are open badges available to certify your knowledge (Google "open badges" or "mooc"). 6. Do not be afraid to fail at the above step. Failing only slightly delays success. Not trying and then aging is much scarier. 7. Look up people who have the job you want on LinkedIn, and see what parts of their summary/job descriptions you could incorporate or adapt to your profile. It is ok if a duty mentioned is a minor part of your job, as long as you can speak competently on the subject in an interview. Set your profile to not share updates before making edits. 8. Update your LinkedIn profile and resume to fully commit to marketing yourself to the role you want, highlighting only relevant experience. Delete even your core job responsibilities or achievements from PF that are not relevant to the job you want. Do not worry that your coworkers might see it, if they care about you they will understand and respect the hustle. Block or remove your boss if you're that worried, they won't notice. 9. Consider searching for volunteer opportunities with non-profits if you can find them, or search for online niche groups for people in the field and ask them for opportunities to do volunteer work. You can add this to your resume to make yourself a more appealing candidate. 10. You're a mentally tough survivor who has endured a lot, celebrate your life after Provident. Ok, back to the review: -- Complete disregard for customers / partners: Due to the closed group of non-diverse family and friends running the company who do not think anyone else has worthwhile ideas, the company makes no effort to solicit feedback from customers, pay attention to feedback that customers voluntarily provide, measure impact of decisions made that affect the customer experience, or listen to employees who interact with customers or partners full-time. Competition has left PF in the dust due to this sheer lack of feedback loops, organizational learning, and continuous improvement which are basic building blocks for success in today's business world. It was extremely frustrating to hear customers and partners both complaining about the same, unnecessary, easy-to-fix issues day after day, bubbling this feedback up the chain, and watching as absolutely nothing gets done. The reason? Fatcats at the top do not give a damn about their customers. Customers are not seen as human beings capable of critical thinking, they are wallets who should be silenced. PF has many unreasonable nickel and dime fees that accomplish nothing but enraging good customers, often when the customer is not at fault. It is a grind to pretend to defend this company's inexcusably unjust policies in the Servicing division. -- Horrible technology: Their website touts technology as one of their differentiators. This is laughable. It is also ironic since the website looks like it was last updated in the 90s. All technology is proprietary and therefore very difficult to adapt to increasing expectations around usability that come with society's technological advancement. They are too cheap to either a) hire enough developers to keep up, or b) invest in a CRM or AUS platform to make development work quicker, simpler, and easier. To claim technology as a strength when it is such a glaring weakness is to pretend there has been no technological progress in the past 20 years. Competitors such as Rocket Mortgage or Better Mortgage must be laugh-crying over this claim, if they have heard of Provident. -- Bad benefits You will lose a lot of your paycheck to medical coverage, especially if you have a spouse and children on your plan. Better hope your spouse has a better employer. There is also no 401k match. But hey, if you stick with PF, who are you kidding, you'll never retire anyway."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They do not invest in their employees in any way. The benefits are the bare minimum (no 401K match, high insurance premiums) and they have no incentives/motivation for obtaining certifications or advanced degrees. Their technology, websites and policies are outdated."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Very boring, repetitive work. No room for growth. Upper-management doesn't care about it's employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company tends to over promise and under deliver."

Universal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful, company is only interested in selling & gaining new money. Managers are only concerned with their own well being and always watching out for themselves. Management does not investigate employee concerns and is more ready to back-up managers."


"Provident Bank was the source of much anxiety and stress and quite possibly the worst company I have ever worked for. I was placed as a temp in the HR department and they are by far the most awful, selfish, talk-behind-your-back group of people. They were fake people who worked for the head of HR who was the worst of them all! I never knew what the day would hold. I tried my best to get along with everyone and do my job to the best of my abilities but let me tell you: if you aren't on their favorites list, you won't be there long. My direct supervisor wrote me up for making a single mistake (because I was never trained on it!) but I took it as constructive criticism and corrected it. And never made the mistake again! Later when they decided I was "no longer a fit for the role," they tried to say it was because I made that same mistake more than once! (which was a complete lie and I could prove it) I honestly could write a book on the things that went on there that was so so wrong. I would NEVER go back there and no amount of money would ever be worth it. The bank President is stuck up, not interested in conversing with his employees, is so particular that he wants to see his newspapers in a certain order on his desk! Ridiculous rules that you have to follow. And if he thinks the head of HR is a fit for his company, that just goes to show his lack of leadership. She walks all over him. I won't even bank there because I know too much of the faces behind it.None!Everything!"

Bank Associate III (Former Employee) says

"Management is rude and poorly trained.Some of the mangers will discriminate against you if you are Latino or African American don’t even attempt to complain because retaliation is a thing in this company.Save your self the hassle and apply somewhere else.AVOID THIS COMPANY!!"

Repossession Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Worked in the repossession department with 2 other women. Reverse discrimination - really awful. Worked very well with the collection dept and outside agents.nothing reallyhorrible discrimination"

AVP; Commercial Collections Manager (Former Employee) says

"it appeared to be a good small regional bank in which to work but I soon found the HR dept. head to have neither integrity nor a truthful manner in dealing with employees. And my manager was interested more in controlling my portfolio than allowing me to properly do my job."

Teller/Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"Horrible ,lock of advancement ,no respect over employees"

Branch Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management is unfair and fire happy. They favor one employee over the next. Write ups are not fair and true. The most enjoyable are the employees that I worked with in the La Quinta branch. The main person in Human Resources like to yell at you. If heard from my Manger that she gets yelled at all the time and other employees under her. I heard her on the phone tell my employee that she would get fired on the way she answered the phone."

Account Management Representative (Former Employee) says

"Poor Training given to new recruits and less time given to learn and develop.Managers micro manage and are insensitive to employee needs and suggestions.Excellent anf friendly customersManagers micro manage"

Bank Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at provident bank for less than a year. My experience was anything but pleasant. First off people don’t use banks the way they used to and your days will drag. Second they tell you first day that they are different and don’t care about sales. Wrong! That’s all they talk about. As time goes on the pressure grows. Constant coachings about sales sales sales. They don’t care if you’re great with the customers. Does not matter. Also they want you to go into every one of your customers accounts and try to trick them into opening more accounts or credit cards they don’t need. Which I believe is just completely intrusive and giving them a false trust in you. Higher management, mostly the banking center manager, was rude and pushy. Making the employees uncomfortable. My direct coworkers, including my supervisor were great and made the time I did spend there bearable. I wouldn’t recommend this company at all or probably any other bank if they operate like this. Just let people focus on the customer service of a company and the turnover will be 100% less.BenefitsSales, bad management, slow days"

Senior Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"No comment that I want to share. I would not recommend anyone to work there. Very stressful the management was out for their own gain but expected the employees to do all the work."

Banking Center Associate lll (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Provident bank 20th street I was hired with two managers who they than fired, new management came and fired two employees who have been there for over 20 years. Great bank to work for if you have proper management.Great bank to work forManagement"

Assistant Branch Manager/Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"Provident was taken over by Sterling national I no longer work at this bank when I was there it was great i had a great staff and we took care of our customers"

Banker (Former Employee) says

"You will be pressed to meet high goals, and although the compensation is fair on the investment side, the standard banking incentive continued to get less robust each year. Also, many employees were losing their positions due to changes in managerial structure. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went through a merge soon. The only saving grace would be having a decent manager to guide you, if you don’t, life could be pretty difficult."

Consumer Loan Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day would wait for a consumer loan to come through the system and provide all documents for the lender to make a decision on the loan. The hardest part was staying busy sometimes."


"Good company but bad pay. A lot of favoritism happening in the company. If your supervisor likes you, your bonus and raise will be good. If not, then you are doomed."

Client Service Associate II (Former Employee) says

"very flexible work schedule. not much room for advancement."

Senior Archivist and Systems Research Facilitator (Former Employee) says

"Provident Bank is a good place to work if you don't mind being a robot. Office politics and meetings after meetings. Very frustrating and never productive.They call themselves a community bank and they are nothing of the sort. Its all about fees and products and not customer satisfaction.great compensation. salary, benefits, etc.everything else"

Administrative Secretary (Former Employee) says

"this job was not very good - the supervisor i worked for was charged with harassment therefore he made my life there miserable."

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"it is a good place to meet people and learn alot. There are sales and lots of money handleing involved. i enjoy my time working here. they should focus more on customer service then forcing sales thoug"

Bank Associate III (Current Employee) says

"Talent retention doesnt seem to be one there mind communication is bad. Pay needs to be addressed no real training to better your career. If you have a bad manager they make work horrible"

michelle anderson says

"I had a provident loan few yrs back.had a bit money trouble etc..ive had a letter from lowells to say they have taken over my debt and to pay them..cut a long story short i owe a bit by there reckoning not mine..and that i have 4 loans with them not by my knowledge i did or i need to contact citizens advice pronto"

BEATA says

"Great staff,but do not apply if you have bad or poor scoring as will declined ,wasted time not recommended at all"

Junior Callender says

"Wished I could put no stars .... disgraceful company can’t believe your still trading ... hurry up and pay out from my FOS complaint for irresponsible lending ... can’t believe How many people you have done this to. Why not claim your trustpilot page ? Hmm I wonder why!"

Bee Mary says

"Recieved a letter from them. Addressed personally to me. On phoning asked where did they get my details, given to them by a credit agency!!! They also addressed it to me, I have never given permission for any credit agency to use my details let alone Provident to address me by my Christian name. The worst was it was touting for people to take out a loan with an APR at over 500 at a time an in an area which over the years has had deprivation, so why ask people to take out a loan knowing they will stuggle more......all I can say about I am not stopping to their level. IF I COULD I WOULD NEVER GIVEN A STAR BUT THEN I COULD NOT LEAVE A REVIEW."

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